Cantante Domino


Sing to Me


Sing for Joy


Hava Nashira


I’m Goin’ to Sing


We Are the Dreamers


Clear Water


Grow, Little Tree


Lunar Lullaby


Teach Your Dreams to Fly


Nursery Rhyme Nonsense


There Has to Be a Song


Peter Piper


The Song That Nature Sings


Old Joe Clark


By the Rivers of Babylon




The Dove and the Maple Tree


Over the Rainbow



Believe! Give Voice to your Dreams! 

For all those who support the chorus through your attendance at concerts, sharing your musical talents, giving your time, sponsoring the chorus, offering gifts and donations, we are so very appreciative.  The Georgia Children’s Chorus depends on you! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give Voice to our Dreams and for believing in our song for the past 21 years and for sharing this evening with us.


We would love to take this moment to pass along some compliments from members of the audience:


Thank you so much for all you have done for us this year! You have brought so much creativity and joy to our lives here at GCC!


A sound of heaven on earth with a director who teaches with deep joy and love! Ms. Carol is a gift to children and all mankind! So thankful my son can take part in GCC!
— GCC parent
The concert was so wonderful – thank you all so much for the work that you do. Y’all are AMAZING! Year after year, I can’t believe how blessed we are to have GCC right here in Athens.
— GCC parent

Thank you for an excellent concert tonight!  It is always a treat to hear the chorus.  The added blessings are always the new songs you introduce to me.   what a joy tonight was for me and three people I introduced to GCC tonight! – — Member of the community


The concert was beautiful!  Loved every minute and appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.  It shows!   Glad to be a small part of it! Happy Holidays!  

— From a Board Member

I was simply not prepared for the kindness and joy everyone radiated and the wonderful experience it was to make music with you all! It was truly a privilege. The kids impressed me to no end, not just with their great talent, but with their attitudes and outlook. It is obvious that they love you and need your guidance, and I know you love them too! I spent only three short times making music with you all, and I already know I will miss everyone until I get the chance to play with you again sometime. Thank you so much for all you do for these wonderful kids! You and they truly make the world a better place.
– Guest Instrumentalist

If you know someone who is interested in being a part of the Georgia Children’s Chorus, we hope that you will have them contact us.  You will find all of our contact information here. If you are interested in being a financial partner of the Chorus please contact Mrs. Reeves, a member of the Board of directors, or the GCC office.  


Feel free to share a link to this page with other friends and family members who are unavailable to attend this marvelous concert! 


We are so thankful for each one of these talented singers, and for you, our audience for sharing this time with us. 

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