Operations Coordinator Staff Position




Leads the business and managerial operations of the organization, providing administrative and financial expertise  for the Artistic Director, Board of Directors, and constituents of GCC. Supports the Artistic Director and the GCC by managing day-to-day office operations, overseeing fundraising, and manages finances and communication for the GCC Board.


Average of 20 hours/week


Reports to: GCC Artistic Director


Collaborates with: Chorus Coordinator


Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Manage the day to day operations and communications of GCC 


The Operations Coordinator will support the Artistic Director, other GCC staff and the GCC Board by managing office and organizational operations. He or she will effectuate data entry and word processing to populate financial and communication reports for use by Artistic Director and Board, coordinate GCC Public Relations and oversee maintenance of GCC Website and social media, coordinate GCC marketing and advertising including program brochures and yearbook, and serve as operational point of contact for GCC. 

  • Manage the financial health of GCC


The Operations Coordinator will oversee timely and consistent management of finances including accounts payable and receivable, singer invoicing and payroll, and recording transactions in Quickbooks. He or she will work closely with the GCC Board Treasurer and CPA to provide accurate data for reporting. 

  • Fundraising support 


The Operations Coordinator will oversee fundraising activities, identify and write grants for GCC, manage grants received, and coordinate the sale of concert tickets and other fundraising.


Experience, Skills and Abilities 

  • Financial operations experience with financial reporting/accounting experience 
  • Understanding of nonprofits and music/arts preferred
  • Excellent organizational skills managing multiple areas of responsibilities
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Experience with Quickbooks and financial data for a business or organization 


To apply, please complete the application and submit to       GCC Employment Application–Operations


Chorus Coordinator Staff Position




Supports the Artistic Director by facilitating the Children’s Chorus singers and their activities.  Attends and assists with rehearsals, performances, and tours.  Provides engagement for consistent relationships with students and parents.  Ensures smooth operation of GCC rehearsals and programs to build and expand the Chorus. 


Average of 16 hours/week


Reports to: GCC Artistic Director


Collaborates with: Operations Coordinator


Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Assist Artistic Director with auditions, rehearsals, concerts, and tours


The Chorus Coordinator will manage preparations, set-up and logistics of each rehearsal and concert including: maintenance of music library and singer notebooks, generating rolls and maintaining attendance records, creating seating charts, scheduling and assisting with auditions, and purchasing refreshments and other rehearsal materials. 

  • Serve as Parent Liaison


The Chorus Coordinator will communicate with parents regularly via email, phone, and social media about general information regarding the life of the Chorus. He or she will facilitate the registration processes for students, coordinate parent volunteers at rehearsals and performances, communicate with absentees after each rehearsal, assist with communication on billing/payments and collection and facilitate the uniform process for singers. This includes measuring singers for new uniforms and communicating with uniform vendor and singers/parents as well as maintenance of inventory and distribution of uniforms.


Experience, Skills and Abilities 


  • Organizational or administrative experience preferred
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Skills in technology and social media for communicating with singers and parents
  • Passion for young people and music


To apply, please complete the application and submit to    Application – Chorus Coordinator


Principal Accompanist




Supports the Artistic Director by accompanying the Children’s Chorus Singers and their activities.  Collaborates  and meets with the Artistic Director for programming.   Attends and assists with rehearsals, performances, and tours. 


Average of 10+ hours/week 


Reports to: GCC Artistic Director

Collaborates with:  Chorus Coordinator


To apply, please complete the application and submit to      GCC-Employment-Application-Principal Accompanist



Internship for Music Education

This is a volunteer position. Interns can expect to play an integral role as part of GCC’s artistic team. Our interns play many roles in our organization, from assisting in classes, leading games and activities, and helping with organization and logistics. Interns assist with one of our choir rehearsals and with our self-produced concerts and public appearances.

Please submit your cover letter, resume and internship application to

Internship for Public Relations

This is a volunteer position. An ideal candidate would be a Junior or Senior majoring in Public Relations or Marketing.    Intern must have good oral and written communication skills, knowledge of social media marketing, proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, willingness to learn, and be responsible and hard-working.  The Operations Director will provide training and oversight.   The position begins as soon as the right individual applies and will involve approximately 5-10 hours per week.  An interest in music is desirable, but not necessary. Periodic attendance at weekly rehearsals would be required in order to understand and appreciate the organization and its mission during the fall and spring seasons of the internship.

Please submit your cover letter, resume and internship application to